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All Products Show >>Tri-Vision Display

Tri-Vision Traveller SMF-50DC

Tri-Vision Traveller SMF-50DC
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Detail Specifications of Tri-Vision Traveller SMF-50DC

A tri-vision traveler display is a sign that displays 3-messages in the space of just one.  The tri-vision traveler is a 3-message display 'on the smaller side' for indoor and point-of-purchase usage. They can turn both horizontally and vertically.   

The tri-vision traveler adopts rechargeable battery supplying system. You can take the portable tri-vision traveler at any site to triple your advertising or promotional space. After one times charging, the traveler can run maximal 50 hours continuously.

We have the following models available: 

Model: TVT50-DC

Frame Size (cm): 88(L) x 64 (W) x 9.5(H)

Picture Size (cm): 80(L) x 52 (W)


Prism Width: 48 mm

Power Supplying: DC 12V

Power Consumption: 6w

Running Time: 50 hours (one times charging)

Turning Type: Synchronization

Turning Time: 4 seconds

Picture Pause Time: 2 seconds ~ 30 seconds (can be adjustable)

Package: Non-wooden hard package

Net Weight:14 kg

Gross Weight: 20 kg 

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